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Wish Star Paper Lampshade-Surya

Wish Star Paper Lampshade-Surya

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Wish Star - Paper Lampshade-Surya

This intricately designed paper lampshade is perfect for decorating your living room, bedroom or children’s rooms. During the day it’s an eye-catching decoration and at night it throws a beautiful patterned glow when lit up.

Our products are made of the highest-quality materials and these lamp shades are no different. Constructed from sturdy paper they can be assembled within a few easy seconds.

Intricate Design

This 3D paper lampshade features an incredible design, matched with a bright, vibrant color. It can be used effectively in natural light during the day and it positively comes to life if lit up during a night-time event.

This package comes complete with a light cord and bulb protector. You will want to use an energy saving CLF  bulb or and LED bulb. Keep your paper lamp shades dry and you’ll be able to re-use them multiple times.

This is a paper product so some precautions need to be made. If you use a light bulb, ensure that to use an LED bulb

Keep this product away from wet conditions will ensure a successful event and allow you to reuse the star many times.

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