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Wish Star Paper Lampshade-Fuji
Nightime with light inside

Wish Star Paper Lampshade-Fuji

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Wish Star - Paper Lampshade-Fuji

Are you looking for an elegant décor accessory to create a warm, romantic atmosphere at your next evening do? The Fuji paper lampshade fits the bill perfectly. When lit up at night it creates a warm glow that accentuates its intricate design features. It’s the perfect accessory for any type of occasion and venue. Paper lampshades can be used outdoors with LED lights. However, try to keep them dry for a longer lifespan.

Make sure that you use bulbs that don’t emit a lot of heat as these are paper-based products. These paper decorations are best suited for hanging LED lights and bulbs of no greater than 40W CLF.

Create Your Unique Look

They are particularly effective and eye-catching when used in groups to complement your event or home décor. They are ambient and subtle, creating their own unique lighting with a soft color-infused glow. Creating a magical atmosphere has never been this easy!

This package comes complete with a light cord and bulb protector.

This is a paper product so some precautions need to be made. If you use a light bulb, ensure that it is an LED bulb and it will emit very low heat.

Keep this product away from wet conditions will ensure a successful event and allow you to reuse the star many times.

Wish Star Paper Lampshade-Surya
Wish Star Paper Lampshade-Surya
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Wish Star - Moravian Gold-Silver
Wish Star - Moravian Gold-Silver
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