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Wish Star  Ornate Gold
Nighttime with light bulb inside

Wish Star Ornate Gold

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Wish Star – Ornate Gold

Creating Memorable Moments

This rich, golden 5-point paper star features a baroque style design that complements any event. Light it with LED lights or hanging string lights and watch a golden hue fill the room. Be sure to use low-wattage bulbs of no more than 40W LED

These create a beautiful ambience at daytime, as well as evening events, weddings, functions or any social event for that matter.

Decorating an event, or even your home, is such a treat. Especially with Birando and our extensive range of party accessories and decorations. One of our most popular products are wish stars, which make an elegant and magical addition to any occasion. They are made from sturdy paper and card, and when opened they become incredible three-dimensional stars that look amazing when hung up indoors and even outside.

Once you receive your order, each wish star will be packed flat in order for safe transport. You can assemble each one easily by pulling the strings together and forming the shape of a star. When you’re happy with the form, then tie a knot to keep it in place. With our wide range of wish stars you can make a unique selection to match the rest of your color palette!

This is a paper product so some precautions need to be made. If you use a light bulb, ensure that it is an LED bulb type

Keep this product away from wet conditions will ensure a successful event and allow you to reuse the star many times.

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15ft Light Cord Kit for Wish Star - Black Cable
15ft Light Cord Kit for Wish Star - Black Cable
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Hanging LED - Bright White (Set of 4)
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