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Sky Lanterns from Wish Lantern

All over the world, wish lanterns take on different names, one of them being sky lanterns. Although they’re basically the same, you’ll find that people pronounce them differently from culture to culture.

What are sky lanterns?

If you know your Chinese culture well, you’ll know that the term sky lantern is directly adopted from Chinese term, tiān dēng. It can be written in Chinese Kanji – although sky lantern will do just as fine. Also known as wish lanterns, they’ve been in use for centuries, and play an integral role in a variety of traditional festivals.

The history of the sky lantern

As early as the 3rd century BC, sky lanterns were used for a variety of applications, mainly in times of war tosky-lanterns-girls send messages for help. They are said to have been invented by the innovative Zhuge Liang. This is why some also refer to it as the Kongming lantern, Kongming being Zhuge’s courtesy name.

They were soon adapted to celebrate festivals such as Chinese Mid-Autumn and Lantern Festivals where they were believed to bring good luck and carry away challenges and sorrows. However, their popularity caught on in various countries including neighbouring Thailand at the Pingxi festival, and even international countries such as Portugal, Mexico and Iran.

Today, they’re a mainstay of different cultures, and have even found themselves at home in the USA, originally brought in by Wishlantern. As a result, those who are fond of sky lanterns can also experience the exhilarating feeling of being at such festivals by releasing one themselves, whether at weddings, birthday parties, outdoor barbecues or just by themselves.

In a variety of cultures they’re often used to wish for health, love or prosperity and even to win the lottery! It doesn’t matter what you wish for though, they still provide a spectacular visual when released into the sky.

How are sky lantern made?

Sky lanterns are traditionally made by wrapping rice paper around a bamboo frame. The fuel cell has to be flame retardant and pre-attached when the lantern is delivered, which makes it a necessity to purchase eco-sky lanterns. The beauty of the sky lantern of today is that it comes in many colours and designs, ranging from multi-colored andwhite to Christmas,Halloween and patriotic styled wish lanterns.

Sky Lanterns from Wish Lantern. Light up the night sky with a Wish!