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Eco Wish Lantern (One Individual Wish Lantern)
Eco Wish Lantern Individual Sample

Eco Wish Lantern (One Individual Wish Lantern)

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Eco WishLantern® – Sampler

WishLanterns are perfect for any kind of outdoor event, whether you’re celebrating the birth of a child, union of a couple, recovery of a loved one, or memories of those who are no longer with us. It’s for this reason we offer single sampler wish lanterns, where you can try one out before you decide to purchase more. You can also purchase a single item if you just need to have an intimate day with your significant other, or just want to enjoy the exciting feeling of releasing one into the air.

100% Good for the Environment

Just like any other Wishlantern in our range, our single sampler is made from sustainable materials. It’s construction consists of a bamboo frame, flame retardant fuel cell and rice paper to complete the look. All of this adds up to a 100% biodegradable Wishlantern that leaves no trace of itself when it lands, meaning it has no impact on the environment.

Easy to construct and operate

Our Wishlantern comes already assembled and doesn’t require any tools to operate. They take very little time to inflate after being lit, and can be released into the sky with ease. Each lantern is made to measure 42.5” in height at its widest point, 26” wide and has a 16” bamboo hoop at the base.

If you wish to purchase a single sample˜of our eco˜wish lantern we will send out by regular post. It will be individually packed with instructions in the packet. The lantern will be white.

Rating Eco Wishlantern Sampler
We bought one Eco Wish Lantern. It arrived in just a couple of days, the directions were easy to follow, the product was well made and performed as expected. We loved the way it looked as it took our wish off up into the sky. We will be ordering a whole bunch more for our son's wedding coming up in April. Thank you!
Reviewed by: from Southbury. on 2/6/2018
Rating High School Youth Group Leader
We bought 4 Sky Lanterns & wrote messages on them for a friend we lost! The lanterns were easy to use, with simple directions to follow! The lanterns floated up beautifully & helped us say some very special goodbyes! Thank you for helping us make this rememberance possible!
Reviewed by: from Indianola. on 9/12/2016
Rating Great service
Not used my lantern yet but the customer service will keep me ordering from this company again! I highly recommend this company! Fast ship too!
Reviewed by: from Phillipsburg . on 12/14/2015
Rating Birthday Memorial
I have always seen these used on TV. Instead of the usual balloon release, we decided to dosomething different. I ordered them and they where perfect. The whole family was amazed at how beautiful it was. It made the memorial very special and would recommend to family/friends for something alittle more memoriable.
Reviewed by: from Houston, Texas. on 11/23/2015
Rating Senior Account Analyst
We bought the wish lantern in memory of our 86 year old aunt that passed away recently. We had a cook-out then sent the lantern up and it was very emotional. There were about 25 people there. The lantern went toward her house, dipped down, then took off into space. It was incredible!
Reviewed by: from Greensboro, NC. on 11/12/2012
Rating Yea Man
Great Product! Performed just as expected. Be careful not let if go with high winds in your area otherwise you won't enjoy it for long. I bought two lanterns. I figured the wind would carry the first a little bit, but man, that thing took off FAST. I waited a few days for calmer winds and got a chance to see this one for about 8 minutes. Give em a try. I would have bought the 50 pack and light them off at my wedding but my County Fire Prevention goons won't let me. Heavy $$$ fines if I do.
Reviewed by: from Bay Area, CA. on 9/26/2012
Rating Very, very cool.
This is a beautiful lantern that commemorated a special day for us. We were even able to get it lit and ready on a pretty windy night at the beach. The "eco" aspect was what we were looking for, and we were so pleased with the aesthetics as a whole. We are going to order a whole batch so we can keep up the tradition!
Reviewed by: from Long Beach, WA. on 9/23/2012
Rating Beautiful Lantern!
I decided to get a wish lantern and release it during our wedding dance. After looking at tons of lantern websites- I am so glad I went with this one. The lantern came within a couple of days and was in perfect condition. It does take a couple of minutes to light and lift off (it will lift off on its own), but it is well worth the wait! It looked so cool glowing in the sky and the guests loved it!
Reviewed by: from Sioux City, Iowa. on 9/13/2012
Rating No problems
I haven't released the latern yet as I am saving it for my beach wedding on August 7th, instead of a unity candle or hawaiian sand ceremony we are going to be releasing this wishing latern...however my purchase went exceptionally well and the latern was delievered in no time at all...i would definately utilize this website again and recommend them to anyone. Thanks
Reviewed by: from PA. on 7/16/2012
Rating In Memory of Our Beloved Nala
I bought this lantern to relase in emeory of our dog that we had to out down. It was the most awesome thing ever!! It just floated up and away and got sucked into a cloud, it brought a peacefullness and calmness when we released it. I plan on buying one every year in her memory and releasing it. Thanks so much!!
Reviewed by: from Council Bluffs, IA. on 7/11/2012
Rating Mrs.
I ordered a sample to see exactly how it worked & what it looked like & we were thrilled with the results! It was so peaceful & beautiful rising in the sky! We will be ordering these for my son's wedding!! They will be soooo surprised!!
Reviewed by: from New Jersey. on 5/11/2012
Rating Stunning lantern
We used this lantern for a birthday celebration, and it was amazing. It was easy to use and so beautiful to watch as it rose into the night sky. I also love that it is eco-friendly. I will purchase this again for sure.
Reviewed by: from Rochester, NY. on 3/21/2012
Rating Great Lantern!
We used this lantern to celebrate my friend's son's birthday, who is in Heaven. He would've been two and as a surprise to her, a bunch of us bought them and took pictures that we sent to her. She and her husband did the same and all of the photos were gorgeous. The lantern worked exactly as it said it would and the instructions were very easy to follow. I would definitely buy this product again! I also loved that it is 100% biodegradable because I live on the water.
Reviewed by: from Naples, FL. on 1/18/2012

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