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We stand by the fact that Wish Lanterns are the best quality sky lanterns available in the USA. When we started our business we worked directly with a lantern manufacturer to create a high quality product. When purchasing Sky Lanterns always buy from a reputable dealer to ensure a safe and fun event.

Questions to ask and things to watch out for:

  • Do they have glycerine based wicks? - these are dangerous as they can drip.
  • Is the paper flame retardant on both sides?
  • Are there clear instructions in plain english?
  • Do the lanterns have moisture protection?

Please view the video and images on this page to find out what makes our lanterns the safest lanterns on the market, don't take a chance with your special event.

    All of our lanterns feature the distinctive Wishlantern Branding so you know you have a high quality product.

  1. Full Launch and Safety instructions written in plain english. Detailed diagrams further assist so that even those with no previous lantern experience can safely and easily launch a lantern.
  2. A protective layer shields the fuel cell from touching the rice paper exterior, this is easily removed before launch.


  1. Because a damp lantern doesn't fly well a silica gel moisture prevention sachet is included in each lantern packet. Each lantern is also individually sealed to further protect the lantern.
  2. Unlike some of the cheaper lanterns out there our lanterns all feature a bamboo hoop which is 100% biodegradable.
  1. The fuel cells on our lanterns come pre-attached to avoid errors assembling, the are all solid non-drip fuel cells for maximum safety.
  2. Our lanterns are made of a premium quality rice paper that is fire retardant on both sides.

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2. White Eco Wish Lantern (Five Pack) White Eco Wish Lantern (Five Pack)
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