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Eco Colored Wish Lantern (5 Pack)
Eco Colored Wish Lantern (5 Pack)

Eco Colored Wish Lantern (5 Pack)

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Colored Wish Lanterns - Pack of Five Handmade Colored Lanterns 

Birando are now stocking Eco Wish Lanterns in purple, yellow, red, blue and green - sold in a multi-color pack.

In July 2010 we became the first supplier in the USA to sell a 100% biodegradable wish lantern. Back in 2009 we started looking at replacing the small piece of wire in our traditional wish lantern with a fire resistant string that is capable of holding the burning fuel cell.

All our Wish Lanterns are now wire free. Constructed with a thin bamboo frame and rice paper to complete the lantern, along with a woolen fire proof fuel cell cover that is held in place using fire resistant string.

Each lantern is handmade and measures 42.5 inches tall, at its widest point and are 26 inches wide and have a 16 inch bamboo hoop at the base when fully open. Each individual wish lantern when shipped measure 15x15x0.25 inches.

This pack of colored Wish Lanterns includes lanterns individually packed with instructions in each packet. All the lanterns in the pack are mixed colors.

Rating Good quality
We use these to send up in honor of our dear Fathers passing every year and this is the first time we bought them here. They are nice quality, much better then the one's we usually buy. Very pleased with our purchase.
Reviewed by: from massachusetts. on 11/19/2013
Rating Fast shipping and reliable product
Thank you for your swift shipping. Our lanterns arrived in perfect timing for our daughter's 2nd birthday (in memorium). The inflated well and launched easily. The instructions were clear and easy to follow. The lantern launch was beautiful.
Reviewed by: from Maryland. on 10/2/2013
Rating Wish Laterns
The wish lanterns were absolutely perfect. I bought them as a surprise for my oldest brother's birthday/memorial we do every year. We live out in the rural area so we had plenty of room to set them off. Not only are they easy to use, but they are absolutely stunning once they are in the sky. I can't think of any other way to honor the memory of my oldest brother than these lanterns. I will definitely be ordering more for next year!!
Reviewed by: from Okmulgee, OK. on 8/30/2013
Rating Sky Lanterns
I absolutely love my lanterns. They are just what I was expecting and more! Thank you so much.
Reviewed by: from Elizabethtown. on 8/19/2013
Rating Purchaser
The lanterns were perfect! They were used for my mother's burial service. They lit easily and inflated quickly. I would definitely recommend the lanterns to anyone.
Reviewed by: from Belcourt, ND. on 6/13/2013
Rating Worked great!
Released this past weekend on Sanibel Island. The man I am dating was married for 33 years, his wife's ashes were scattered in the water off Sanibel Island per her wishes. I thought it would be a nice tribute to light one for the past to honor her memory, and one for the future to us. My boyfriend thought it was an incredible idea! I surprised him! The lanterns worked great....we were patient as recommended and they just lifted off and went out over the water! But the most important thing to me was that they were 100% biodegradable, I would never hurt the environment.
Reviewed by: from Florida. on 3/25/2013
Rating Great service
When I ordered the colored Wishlanterns, I received them in the mail at lightening speed. I really appreciated how quickly the order was shipped. The lanterns were HUGE, exactly what the pictures implied, and the colors were so vibrant. I decorated them with felt tipped markers and sent them to one of my best friends for his birthday. He loved them. I'm so glad I chose Wishlanterns.
Reviewed by: from Oklahoma. on 3/25/2013
Rating Perfect!
Order arrived quickly - colors of the lanterns are so pretty - and they are sooo big! Great purchase for the price.
Reviewed by: from NJ. on 3/23/2013
Rating Beautiful Lanterns
The lanterns are beautiful and great quality. We had them shipped to the location where we would be vacationing and they came on time, as expected, with no issues. We celebrated the beginning of a new year and fresh start by releasing one beachside. It was spectacular!
Reviewed by: from Texas. on 1/10/2013
Rating Beautiful wish-lanterns
We used these for a beautiful Celebration of Life for my mom, and they were beautiful...a little hard for a big group of people to do all at once, so I recommend you get the packaging out and do a practice run- we let @25 of them go at night over the ocean and it was a nice way to honor her. Each lantern is really a two-person job, one to hold and one to light- make sure and ruffle the ignition paper first, and hold it as long as possible before letting go, some did go into the water instead of rising but it was user error- put the teenagers in charge and it all goes well;-). The photos were amazing. We did ours at full night but sunset might have been better- still an amazing and fulfilling experience for everyone.
Reviewed by: from Capitola, CA. on 12/11/2012
Rating Super Cool
I was trying to find something different and special for my little guys birthday. I ended up purchasing a pack of the multi-colored wish lanterns. We had to wait a couple of weeks to light due to the weather, but was finally able to do so last weekend. I was amazazed at how cool they were. I actually have never done anything like this. I wanted to go back and buy more the next day. The kids LOVED it and so did the adults. It was magical. If you haven't done these (or even if you have) I recommend purchasing them. They are AWESOME.
Reviewed by: from California. on 11/28/2012
Rating Great Lanterns!!!
We bought the lanterns for Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day and sent them up to our son. The lanterns were so easy to use and they were incredibly beautiful! Will order again and will order from this company again, they shipped so fast!!!
Reviewed by: from Mackinaw, IL. on 10/21/2012
Rating wishes come true
The Wish Lanterns were amazing! I loved the bright colors and was surprised at how big they were. I wished I had purchased more of them. I will buy this product again. We plan to make this an annual event in my family. Loved them.
Reviewed by: from Tampa, Florida. on 8/5/2012
Rating Wishlantern
Was very please with this product and the prompt delivery. One observation for users though which has nothing to do with the quality of this product. I observed that flying one after a heavy rainstorm with no wind blowing at all the lanterns did not achieve a high allitude I suppose because of the heavy moisture. Make sure you have plenty of clearance in this situation. Again a very good product.
Reviewed by: from Gulf coast of Alabana or L.A.. on 7/6/2012
Rating very pleased
I am very pleased with these
Reviewed by: from Madison, WI. on 4/23/2012
Rating Loved the Wish Lanterns!
These were a fantastic addition to our sons one year angelversary. We liked them so much we will use these every year! Our other children loved watching them fly high into the sky and it gave us all a chance to meditate on the year behind us and the year to come.
Reviewed by: from Allendale, MI. on 4/19/2012
Rating ms
delivery right on time, all the lanterns worked fine, easy to figure out, no assembly. We will buy more!
Reviewed by: from Minneapolis. on 3/21/2012
Rating Perfect!
I received my order promptly and am very pleased with the lanterns. The instructions are clear and concise and provide a suitable guide for the novice to get their lantern safely and successfully in the air - my first one was launched last night and it was a sight to behold! It worked perfectly. Thank you for a great product!
Reviewed by: from Ithaca, NY. on 3/16/2012
Rating What fun!
We bought some of these for my sister's wedding. We tested one of them this past weekend and found that they were easy to set up and set off! We completely enjoyed watching the lantern float up and out of sight! I never expected they would go as high up as they did. Now that we know how great they are we will be purchasing more for the wedding. I would recommend this product to anyone!!
Reviewed by: from High Point, NC. on 3/12/2012
Rating mom
I bought these for my daughters' birthdays. They worked great and were so pretty to look at. very easy to use. A great product.
Reviewed by: from Shabbona, IL. on 1/23/2012
Rating Eco Colored Wish Items
My son passed away in 2010, and for his birthday we let these go and I can't describe to you the joy in my daughters eyes watching a sky lantern send this to her brother in heaven, she loves watching this go up into the sky, it's our little way to say, we love him, we miss him and he is forever in our hearts. Thank you Wish Lantern!!!
Reviewed by: from Maryland. on 1/22/2012
Rating Breathtaking Moments
These are bigger than you believe! - this makes them even better to see at a distance (when flying away). I did learn that there should be no wind when trying to light them and/or launch them. One of them came down in the water but it quickly dissolved (the Eco-friendly stuff happened)- love them!
Reviewed by: from US. on 1/18/2012
Rating Great
Great customer service...excellent product. We loved them.
Reviewed by: from Ithaca, NY. on 1/14/2012
Rating Children/Youth Minister
We used the lanterns for the first time at midnight on New Year's Eve 2011. We had a lock-in with our youth and used these to ring in 2012 instead of fireworks. What an amazing time! Everyone is looking forward to next year although we will set them off earlier so that the whole church can participate. We have been talking about releasing them on July 4th when our church has their big community wide celebration. You have earned our business for life. Thank you! Rose Gagnon
Reviewed by: from Hope, AR. on 1/9/2012
Rating Loved them start of a new tradition
I absolutely loved them! I kept saying how breathtaking they were! Came right on time! My boyfriend and I set these off new years eve at midnight! I originally said 2 but loved them so much wanted to set off another! Will be setting them off every new years now and 4th of july! Well worth getting them!
Reviewed by: from Ohio. on 1/5/2012
Rating user
These lanterns are well worth the $$. The flight time was long, the visability terrific and they were much larger than I anticipated. Great time line on shipping. Overall experience, superb. Definitely recommend this product.
Reviewed by: from Montgomery, TX. on 12/8/2011
Rating Event Coordinator
No worries, safe, beautiful, and interactive. Make sure you buy a few wish lantern markers. The quality of these lanterns is terrific. The colors are vibrant. I have used these lanterns on five occations. The are perfect for daytime liftoffs, as well as nightime. Spectacular!
Reviewed by: from Lewes, DE. on 11/13/2011
Rating Great fun for kids
Any little girl who loves the Disney movie Tangled will be thrilled to watch these lanterns float away.
Reviewed by: from Texas. on 9/28/2011
Rating Wish Lantern
Very easy to use and visible from quite a distance in the night sky. Completely recommend this product!
Reviewed by: from Seattle, WA. on 9/27/2011
Rating LOVE these!!!
These lanterns were awesome! Bought for a one year anniversary as well as a gift for a 5 year anniversary. Too cool!
Reviewed by: from Ohio. on 9/17/2011
Rating I love them
.....they were beautiful
Reviewed by: from Virginia. on 7/1/2011

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