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Chinese Lanterns from Wish Lantern

Also known as Wish Lanterns or sky lanterns, Chinese Lanterns have long since held a special place in everyone’s hearts. As the name suggests, they’re from Asia, but have long since gained popularity around the world thanks to their beauty. We were the first to offer the merchandise in the USA, and continue to provide the safest lanterns that create beautiful visual effects once released into the sky.

The earliest recorded use of Chinese Lanterns can be traced to 3rd century BC where they were used in plays or festivals. Today their use extends from outdoor parties and weddings to spiritual events and romantic one-on-ones. Their appeal never weans thanks to how they gracefully float into night’s sky, creating an incredible atmosphere of cheer and awe.

Although many attribute the invention of the Chinese lantern to Zhuge Liang, their inventor remains a mystery. Part of the confusion, however, is due to how Zhuge’s hat bears some resemblance to Wish Lanterns. This, in part, also gives these flying lanterns a lot of historical significance, which adds to their appeal to some.

Chinese lanterns are easy to use and can be bought from Wish Lantern with ease. We offer a variety of lanterns ranging from white and multi-color to Santa, Halloween and patriotic Wish Lanterns online. This way you always have something for each occasion, whether it’s a birthday, 4th of July, Halloween or Christmas.

As industry leaders in all party essentials, we also recognize the need to save the planet. This is why our Wish Lanterns also bear the Eco-Friendly insignia, as they are 100% biodegradable and virtually leave no trace after they land.

So give one a try today: browse our range of Chinese lanterns to find one that is perfect for your upcoming celebration.

Flying Lanterns from Wish Lantern carry a USA price match guarantee on all quality flying lanterns sold in the USA. For more information, browse the site, or contact us by emailing

Light up the night sky with a Wish!

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