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Bio Doves Helium Balloons | Single Sampler

Bio Doves Helium Balloons | Single Sampler

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Bio Dove® Helium Balloons - Sampler
Bio Dove Helium Balloons

Bio Doves are biodegradable, helium dove-shaped balloons. Perfect for all types of events, Bio Doves are especially popular at weddings.

When filled with helium they form like a dove, and when released they fly into the sky. Due to their unique shape and construction they give the appearance of real doves flapping their wings and circling in the air. They are made of a biodegradable plastic that breaks down very quickly.

Size : 39 x 15 inches when fully inflated. Please note that helium not included but readily available at stores like Party City.

This individual sample Bio Dove includes instructions. The individual Bio Dove in the pack are white.

Bio Dove Balloon inflated Bio Dove Balloon deflated
Bio Dove immediately after inflation

Bio Dove after 1-2hrs
(The Optimum launch time)