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White Wish Lantern (5 Pack)
White Wish Lantern (5 Pack)

White Wish Lantern (5 Pack)

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What is a Wish Lantern?

A Wish Lantern is similar to a mini hot air balloon, made out of very thin rice paper, when lit they float into the sky, and are a safe and unique alternative for fireworks. They are fully biodegradable, non-flammable and safe and easy to use, and create an amazing visual effect, as the glow from the lantern floats up into the sky, that adds enjoyment and wonder to any special occasion.


All you have to do is set light to the cardboard fuel cell attached to the lantern, wait for it to fill up with hot air, make your wish and gaze as the Wish Lantern floats up to the skies. The fuel cell well continue to burn for about 12 minutes, as the hot air causes the lantern to keep rising until they reach heights of up to a mile in the air.

Also known as Sky Lanterns, Flying Lanterns, Chinese Lanterns, Sky Candle, Thai Lanterns and Khoom Fay, Wish Lanterns are traditionally used in Asia for celebrations and festivals to symbolise the release of worries and problems. Read more about the history, culture and spiritual symbolism of Wish Lanterns on our Chinese Lantern and Thai Lantern pages.

A Wish Lantern stands 108cm (42.5 inches) tall and 66cm (26 inches) wide at its widest point.. After release and flight, the Wish Lantern will self-extinguish and float gently to the ground, where the rice paper will biodegrade, and the very thin wire at the bottom of the lantern will rust away in the rain.
We now have coloured Wish Lanterns available! Packs come with an assortment of colours, from a range of purple, yellow,  red, blue and green. Purchase Colored Lanterns here today


Rating Ms
Wonderful product. Beautifully packaged. Given as a birthday "wish" for all in coming guests to sign and launched later that evening. Big hit. Fun
Reviewed by: C. Johnson from Boise, ID. on 6/5/2012
Rating Wish Lanterns were GREAT
We sent off these wish lanterns on Memorial Day in rememberance of lost family members and lost soldiers. It was the most awsome sight. They drift very slowly away, plenty of time to take pictures. Will do this again next year.
Reviewed by: Susan from Pineville, LA. on 6/4/2012
Rating Couldn't be happier
Just based on the quality of the product, delivery to the doorstep and product performance, I couldn't be more pleased. Their are no other reasons to shop elsewhere as far as I'm concerned.
Reviewed by: Robert Charles from Prospect Heights, IL. on 6/1/2012
Rating Excllent Product
We love these lanterns! You MUST buy the original Wishlantern brand. The knockoffs are terrible. I was disappointed that the 10 pack which was on sale was not available and the shipping rates are far too high.
Reviewed by: Eric Stanton from Scottsdale, AZ. on 4/27/2012
Rating Mrs
This was the best $20 I've ever spent! We purchased these lanterns for my daughters wedding to light and send of in rememberance of her Dad that passed away 3 years ago from colon cancer. It was such a toucing and beautiful sight as they all floated off over the lake. We will definitely do this again!!
Reviewed by: Linda from Montgomery. AL. on 4/2/2012
Rating Just like in the Disney movie "Tangled"
I purchased the laterns for my son to surprise his girlfriend on her birthday.She loves the movie Tangled so he wanted to recreate the latern scene. What can I say, a picture says a thousand words, I was I could have uploaded a picture. The laterns were easy to use and looked great! Delivery was fast and just a great product. I will be purchasing more in the future for a fourth of july party.
Reviewed by: Juanita Garcia from Montgomery,IL. on 2/27/2012
Rating Wish Lantern
We tried it out for the first time last night since it was Valentine's Day and it was really easy to do and looked amazing in the sky. They go a lot higher than I thought they would. We're using them as part of our wedding ceremony.
Reviewed by: Lindsey from Gilbertsville, PA. on 2/15/2012
Rating quality product
Shipped fast. Paper did not burn as other products have, fuel cell lasted well. Thank you!
Reviewed by: Amanda Strand from Oceanside, CA. on 1/23/2012
Rating LOVED!
Using the lanterns was so much fun! I honestly was hesitant and afraid that I could possibly set the mountains on fire, but it worked out perfectly and is very safe. LOVED IT!
Reviewed by: TINA from UTAH. on 1/8/2012
Rating White Wish Lantern
Since it was my first time buying Wish Lanterns, I was hoping that it would be what I expected. My family and I were very pleased. They lived up to our expectations and even more. Very easy to use. Larger than I thought they would be. We sent ours up for New Years. It was a great family moment. I also bought some for my friends. Next time I'm going to get the colored ones too.
Reviewed by: Cheryl Brittain from Lexington, NC. on 1/2/2012
Rating Amazing!
Amazing!! That explains my experience with the Wishlanterns all in one word! The amount of time that it took to receive my package was unbelievably fast! Thank you so much for the promptness and quality in your business and product. You can guarantee I will be a lifelong customer! =)
Reviewed by: Bianca Velasquez from San Antonio, TX. on 1/2/2012
Rating Ringing in the New Year :)
We couldn't all be together for the New Year so we sent them to both our daughters and all of us made a wish and lit them together at midnight :).. We started a new tradition and ABSOLUTELY love them!!!!
Reviewed by: Laurie Rauch from Spring Hill. on 1/2/2012
Rating Great
We used these as a special surprise for my daughter's birthday. They worked great and I definitely plan to order again!
Reviewed by: Brandi from NH. on 12/31/2011
Rating Love it
I got it for my husband and me just to have a romantic moment and it worked perfect. Very easy to use and very fun.
Reviewed by: Paola from Warren, Mi. on 12/13/2011
Rating House Wife
This is the second time I have ordered the wish lanterns. I love to use them at birthdays and have given them at weddings as well. Everyone love them.
Reviewed by: Diane D'Aurora from Orlando, FL. on 12/4/2011
Rating No wind
They were great and beautiful, but hard to do it with the wind. Also kids under 13 should deffinately have assistance!
Reviewed by: Shelby from Florida. on 11/21/2011
Rating Wish Lanterns!!!
Of all of the many gifts my daughter got for her 12th birthday (INCLUDING and iTouch!) her favorite memory of the night was the wish lantern. It was fantastic and awesome. Since I live ON the coast and ONE mile from and airport we had to drive to a park to light our lantern (the directions say 5 miles from an airport and alert the Coast Guard if you're on the coast) it was FANTASTIC. A memory not to be forgotten :)
Reviewed by: Carol from San Diego. on 10/30/2011
Rating Mrs.
No trouble lighting and it immediately went up very easily! We could see it for a good six minutes and it was stunning!
Reviewed by: Laura Block from Dauphin Island AL. on 10/28/2011
Rating We've started a new tradition
My 4 year old daughter is infatuated with the movie Tangled (Rapunzel), she absolutely loved them. My mom, who lives a few miles away, enjoyed them also. The neighbor now wants to order some and I will definitely be ordering again. Go quality, excellent product. 5 star.
Reviewed by: Todd Fetchko from Windber, PA. on 10/25/2011
Rating First time user
Great item, very well made with excellent instructions. My kids absolutely LOVED it. Will definitely be buying more
Reviewed by: Dan from Chicago. on 10/13/2011
Rating wish lanterns
We ordered these for my daughter's upcoming wedding. We tried them out be releasing a couple of the white ones in memory of our oldest daughter. Our grandchildren loved them and they were wonderful to watch float in the sky. Very easy to use and the quality were excellent. Would definitely buy them again.
Reviewed by: vptacek from florida. on 10/8/2011
Rating Wonderful Wedding Lanterns!
We had these at our daughter's outdoor wedding: she and her new husband lit and released one instead of lighting a unity candle, then the 2 families lit the rest and let them go. It was absolutely beautiful!
Reviewed by: b. howell from florida. on 10/6/2011
Rating What a celebration!
Wish lanterns are a "must have" for any special occasion. These lanterns are top notch and you will be thrilled with them.
Reviewed by: Jill Clark from Georgia. on 10/4/2011
Rating Wishlantern
The lanterns were beautiful as they floated over the lake towards the moon. Great quality!
Reviewed by: Jan from Adirondacks. on 10/2/2011
Rating Summer Tradition
Launching a wish lantern from the seawall and watching it drift out over the ocean with the grandkids on a warm summer night!!! It doesn't get any better. Great product and good service.
Reviewed by: Carl from Maine. on 10/2/2011
Rating great product
I have used similar products before (wish lanterns, sky lanterns, paper lanterns, whatever you call them). I was very pleased that my order was shipped very promptly. The quality of the product was great, as expected. All five lanterns arrived in good condition and functioned as expected. I will purchase them again.
Reviewed by: Jenni from Minneapolis, MN. on 9/30/2011
Rating Beautiful!
Having read about these being used in Asia to make wishes and release your worries, I thought this would be the perfect addition to our 'going away' party for our daughter who was leaving to study in China. The shipping was very fast, the directions simple and it was a perfect ending to a beautiful night around the fire. PS It must have worked, she's having a wonderful time!
Reviewed by: Patty from Michigan. on 9/29/2011
Rating Awesome
These were awesome and fun for a great friend's birthday celebration!!
Reviewed by: Monique Carter from San Diego. on 9/29/2011
Rating Tangled
We bought these lanterns for our daughter's 4th birthday. We did a Tangled themed party and if you've seen the movie you seen the scene with the sky lit up by hundrends of lanterns. The night was perfect and our daughter loved every minute watching the lanterns float to the sky! Thank you:)
Reviewed by: Sarah from Ohio. on 9/28/2011
We had such a blast with the lanterns. We only have three left. Our whole family did them at the beach on a week vacation. Shipping was quick, quality was perfect, instructions were very clear and they worked amazing. We will order ONLY from you again and have recommended you to friends as a great family ritual to do at the beach. Thanks for a great product and a great experience!!! Heather
Reviewed by: Heather from Florida. on 9/23/2011
Rating Good fun for the kids
I bought a couple of these and have lit them with a group of kids. Once at a baseball tournament and once at a birthday party. By far a great product and easy to work. I will be buying more in the future.
Reviewed by: Ron from Illinois. on 9/21/2011
Rating Wish lantern
These lanterns are GREAT! I got them for my husbands birthday! The instructions are very easy to follow. The darker outside the farther you can see them float!
Reviewed by: Colleen from Clinton Township. on 9/21/2011
Rating Wish Lanterns
These Wish Lanterns worked great and shipped right on time, even though I did order these at the last minute for my Daughters wedding! She was so surprised, very romantic!!! I plan on getting a few more for our Halloween party...
Reviewed by: Michael Vaillancourt from New Hampshire. on 9/21/2011
Rating Awesome product
These lanterns were even better than I expected. They fly so high and you can see them for such a long time. We used this for our wedding and guests signed wishes for our marriage on it then we sent it "out into the universe." It was a beautiful demonstration. :)
Reviewed by: Jami from Michigan. on 9/20/2011
Rating Happy Camper
Absolutely love these. We take them camping & everyone always gathers around to watch. Never had a problem. Will definately buy them again!
Reviewed by: Happy Camper from Lancaster, NY. on 8/7/2011
Rating Cable
These were really fun.They can't be let go in too high of winds but even when they are I was surprised by how safe they seemed. I mean the outside always looks like it is dangerous but it would really take effort to set them ablaze. I really enjoyed them a lot.
Reviewed by: Cable from Bolton, MA. on 7/19/2011
Rating Small business owner
The wish lanterns were the perfect ending to our rehearsal dinner. The bride and groom made their wish and let their lantern go. Then, both sets of parents did the same. It was awesome. The couple was surprised by the idea and loved it. The entire party watched the lanterns as they drifted away for a very long time. It was a warm clear night and it was a lovely experience. The pictures turned out beautiful!
Reviewed by: angela from San Antonio, Texas. on 7/15/2011

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