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White Eco Wish Lantern (100 Pack)
White Eco Wish Lantern (100 Pack)

White Eco Wish Lantern (100 Pack)

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Eco Wish Lantern® - Pack of a hundred Lanterns

Wish Lantern continue to be at the forefront of lantern design and back in 2009 we had started looking at replacing the small piece of wire in our traditional wish lantern with a fire resistant string that is capable of holding the burning fuel cell. In July 2010 we became the first supplier in the USA to sell a 100% biodegradable wish lantern.

Our Eco Wish Lanterns are constructed with a thin bamboo frame and rice paper to complete the lantern, along with a woolen fire proof fuel cell cover instead of the regular wire cover that our other lanterns have, these lanterns are sure to biodegrade in a very short time after landing.

Each lantern is handmade and measures 35 x 24 x 12 inches when fully open. The 100 pack shipment weighs 22.00 lbs


This pack of Eco Wish Lanterns includes one hundred lanterns individually packed with instructions in each packet. All the lanterns in the pack are white

Rating EVP Sales
I have been a customer for years and always end a party with everyone launching a wish lantern. It is a magical event.
Reviewed by: from Topsfield. on 11/28/2018
Rating Great biodegradable product! Easy ordering & delivery!
I bought 200 of these for a benefit to raise money for local families. They arrived very quickly & with no issues. The benefit went beautifully with people seeing them from miles away. We did go around & cleaned them up the following day (we have a lot of farms around us). It had lightly rained overnight & the lantern had already started to break down. I will buy these again as I plan on yearly benefits & I believe these will have little if any impact on local farmers!
Reviewed by: from Kutztown. on 11/2/2018
Rec'd in a timely manner. These lanterns are HUGE! We had a great time sending one of them off as a test. It was still burning until it became a tiny speck in the night sky ... which is where the large size is a plus. It was supposed to burn for 12 minutes, and I am sure it did as it burned until we could not see it anymore. I am looking forward to using them at my upcoming event. Also, I'd like to note that I asked a few questions using the help chat and received almost instant replies. Good customer service!
Reviewed by: from CHARLOTTESVILLE. on 1/19/2015
Rating Ms.
I have only tried these lanterns in my backyard, but they worked great and will be perfect for my wedding this fall! I'm sooo excited to see them all lit at one time. It was easy to get them going with two people! They last for a really long time and get really high in the air.
Reviewed by: from Chicago, IL. on 8/11/2014
Rating New Year's Eve Wish Lamterns
Having a Wish Lantern for each of my guests on New Year's Eve provided that unique extra touch I was looking for! After dinner, but before it was time to "watch the ball drop" we prepared the Wish Lanterns for launch. It was during this time I passed mini pastel markers around for everyone to write a few words or thoughts on their lanterns while they were still flat and folded. Twenty were launched, and only one found its way into a down-draft and returned. (Perhaps their thoughts were too heavy?) LOL! Thankfully I had ordered extra, and this guest sent a new Wish Lantern into the night sky. This whole event was beautiful!
Reviewed by: from Greenville,SC. on 1/5/2014
Rating Amazing product!
These Eco friendly lanterns are the best. Buying 100 of them seemed like a lot, but they are so much fun you want to keep lighting up more! They float up and light the sky for a good 5 minutes. Then the flame burns out and the lantern falls. Having the Eco lanterns means you don't have to worry about running to find them, they just disenegrate on their own. They light up the sky beautifully. You can't go wrong with this purchase. If you don't use all of them you always have next time!
Reviewed by: from California. on 8/22/2012
Rating Marketing Manager
I absolutely love this product. Also, the white is just so beautiful to see float into the sky, I thought the colorful ones would be more fun, but you can watch the white ones float away forever! These make the most memorable party favors ever. I used them at my birthday party and everyone was talking about it the next day. I do believe I will be using these at every event and party I have in the near future!
Reviewed by: from Big Tool Box. on 2/22/2012

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