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Eco Colored Wish Lantern (100 Pack)
Eco Colored Wish Lantern (100 Pack)

Eco Colored Wish Lantern (100 Pack)

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Eco Colored Wish Lanterns® - 100 Pack

Simply our classic eco wish lanterns - they come in purple, yellow, red, blue, and green. These can be particularly great for use during daylight hours, when their bright color will be visible as they soar off into the distance.

Our colored wish lantern packs come with an assortment of different colored lanterns in each pack.

Each lantern is handmade and measures 42 Tall and  26 inches wide inches when fully open. The 100 pack shipment weighs 27.00 lbs


This one hundred pack of Colored Wish Lanterns includes 100 lanterns individually packed with instructions in each packet. Every pack has multiple colors in them.

Rating Eco Colored Wish Lanterns
These are probably the best sky lanterns out there you could buy. we have tried so many others and in our experience the reviews are true to how well the lanterns work. I used these lanterns for my wedding, for our guests to set off at night before the groom and I were sent off. Every single one of them lifted off, not one of them caught on fire at any point, and they looked stunning. All you have to do is hold it upright until the hot air builds up enough for it to lift on its own. Be careful trying to light them in wind. We almost were not able to light them because the evening of our wedding had strong winds, but there was a chance break for about an hour when we could light them freely. We are surrounded by corn fields, so we wanted to make sure the local fire department gave the okay for them and we were given permission, so it never hurts to call and ask to be safe.
Reviewed by: from Idaho. on 10/17/2017
Rating Wedding Lanterns
The lanterns were amazing! A bit difficult to light until we got the hang of it. So try one before your event. Absolutely recommend!
Reviewed by: from Idaho . on 10/14/2017
Rating Owner
We have had these for years and are never disappointed with the quality. Our campers sometimes bring in knock offs and end up buying ours because of the quality.
Reviewed by: from Monticello, Iowa. on 7/26/2017

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