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Colored Eco Wish Lantern® (10 Pack)

Colored Eco Wish Lantern® (10 Pack)

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Eco Colored Wish Lanterns®
 Our Eco Colored Wish Lanterns are what you need to get a party started. They are easy to set up and release into the night's or day's sky, and will create an alluring effect, especially when released in huge numbers. If you're looking forward to a birthday party, wedding, anniversary, outdoor dinner date or just want something to have a fun activity on the weekend, our Eco Colored Wish Lanterns will give you pleasant memories.

The Eco Wish Lanterns designed for the Environment

With a bamboo frame, rice paper cover and flame retardant fuel cell, our Colored Wish Lanterns are 100% biodegradable. Not only are the safe for the environment, but also easy to use and setup. They are available in a variety of vibrant colors that will liven up an event, including purple, yellow, red, blue and green.

Each lantern is handmade with the greatest of detail, paying attention to it's exact specifications which measure 42.5" in height, 26" at the widest point and 16" around the bamboo hoop. Each lantern is shipped measuring 15x15x0.25". Approx 3.5 lbs

This ten pack of Colored Wish Lanterns includes ten lanterns individually packed with instructions in each packet. Every pack has multiple colors in them.

Rating Mrs
We ordered these lanterns for a memorial for our son. There was no real breeze at ground level...the lanterns still flew up & we were able to watch them until they disappeared from sight. It was truly wonderful
Reviewed by: from Schaumburg. on 10/3/2017
Rating Beautiful!
Order was shipped fast and arrived on time. The lanterns were colorful, easy to use and all that was expected. I would highly recommend this company and their product! Thank you very much for your great customer service!
Reviewed by: from Bowling Green MO. on 9/6/2017
Rating wish lanterns
Reviewed by: from Cumberland. on 7/6/2017
Rating beautiful
We have tested two lanterns in preparation for our event. They worked just as directed. Thank you.
Reviewed by: from idaho. on 3/27/2017
Rating Great fun and joy!!!
Really fun activity for family and friends. Brings joy and sense of wonder, two things always needed in this life!
Reviewed by: from Boston, MA. on 1/13/2017
Rating Owner / proprietor
I use the Wishlanterns with my business functions and also for family events, they are absolutely wonderful. So easy to use, ordering on your website is so easy, and the delivery time on this past order was so fast! I wouldn't buy these anywhere else.
Reviewed by: from San Antonio Texas . on 11/2/2016
Rating Parents 65th Anniversary celebration
My boyfriend and I recently took colored Eco Wish Lanterns to my parents 65th Anniversary celebration. It really topped off the event with everyone getting involved in launching them, from the youngest generation to the oldest. Everyone thought it was way cool.
Reviewed by: from PIERCE. on 7/26/2016
Rating Better than expected !
Easy to use. Fun to use. And to top it off - biodegradable! What a great way to celebrate.
Reviewed by: from Southeast FL. on 4/23/2016
Rating Awesomeness!
These were such a big hit at New Years! I'm buying more!
Reviewed by: from Jacksonville, FL. on 1/6/2016
Rating mrs
My order was shipped fast ,and was packaged perfectly. I cannot say enough about how great this company is. The lanterns were easy to do and the experience was Amazing!!!!!!
Reviewed by: from Utah. on 12/22/2015
Rating Memorial Wishing Lanterns
I absolutely love these. In memory of my brother we released approximately 30 lanterns. It was such a beautiful sight. Thank you. I will order more for the 4th of July!
Reviewed by: from Richmond, Ca. on 11/18/2015
Rating So glad I got these!
We bought these for our wedding and set them off once it got dark. The kids all helped and they were so magical!
Reviewed by: from Asheville NC. on 10/30/2015
Rating Love them!!
bought them to use as a way to pay tribute to my sister who passed away in July. At our family reunion in October, everyone was able to write her a note on the lantern prior to our sending it off at dark. Plan to do this with the upcoming holidays as well!!
Reviewed by: from Indiana. on 10/17/2015
Rating Run for the border...
Took the wish lanterns on our vacation to Mexico... They were a HIT with our friends. We wrote our prayer on them and sent them off... Such a great way to pray for one another as we sent our prayers/hopes/dreams up to Heaven. Now they are expected at our annual event!
Reviewed by: from el cajon. on 8/12/2015
Rating End of summer hoorah
We used our lanterns to celebrate end of summer. The lanterns were the magic I wanted but were a little more time consuming and tricky than expected. Took a while to light the first one but once the first one was done, the rest were easy peasy. Patience is required. Kids loved watching them sail away and all made their wishes. Super way to say goodbye to summer.
Reviewed by: from Alabama. on 8/12/2015
Rating Perfect!
The Eco Colored Wish Lantern (10 Pack) was perfect for my daughter's 18th birthday. The lanterns are huge and vibrant in color. I love that they are 100% biodegradable. Best value I found on the internet.
Reviewed by: from Tennessee. on 7/31/2015
Rating Flying Lanterns
These were perfect! They worked beautifully and flew a really long time!
Reviewed by: from Clinton MS. on 7/31/2015
Rating Owner
I ordered these colored wish lanterns and received all white ... No color. Sent email and msg ... No reply. Only "write a review" generic email reply so here is your review.
Reviewed by: from Nc. on 7/22/2015
Rating Wishes & Hopes
I have been buying 10 packs of these lanterns for several years. Every Christmas we launch one to celebrate another year of my daughter being in remission. We belong to a camp and throughout the summer we send up lanterns for various intentions. They also make great friendship gifts. As everyone wants to know where to get them, I'm happy to provide them your site info.
Reviewed by: from Attleboro, MA & Sterling, CT. on 7/13/2015
Rating Fabulous
These lanterns were huge. Loved the size, quality, and ease of use. I was pleased with this purchase. I will definitely order for our next event.
Reviewed by: from Billings Mt. on 6/1/2015
Rating Very happy
We send lanterns off every year for our mother on her birthdate since she passed. I got my order really quick and the price was very reasonable. They also worked extremely well compared to the ones we have used in the past. I will definitely be buying the same ones next year!
Reviewed by: from West Allis, WI. on 5/18/2015
Rating Nana
The lanterns are bigger than I thought. I am impressed with my purchase. We plan to let them go on 5/11/15 in memory of my husband, dad, and Papa.
Reviewed by: from Springdale AR. on 4/29/2015
Rating Colored Wish Lanterns
Not the first time I have ordered these lanterns and they never disappoint. We use them for family birthdays, weddings, and at the holidays. Great to have everyone write wishes for the person celebrating their birthday or marriage. Highly recommend.
Reviewed by: from on 1/25/2015
Rating Wish Lantern 10 pack! Great buy!!!
Purchase the wish lantern 10 pack for our new years eve celebration and they were a hit! Everyone had so much fun they were easy to use! I will definitely be getting more for other occasions throughout the year.
Reviewed by: from Leander, Texas. on 1/1/2015
Rating Great purchase
We bought these for our daughters surprise engagement party. I looked online at a lot of other companies for this product. We were not disappointed at all by ordering them from this company. The product came fast and the quality was outstanding. They were the added touch to a very special day. We for sure will order from this company again. Highly recommend them!!!
Reviewed by: from Wisc. on 11/30/2014
Ordered these and entered the wrong address...when I contacted them they updated immediately no hassle. Also, I received them in two days!!! Due to weather, we have not been able to use them, but the service alone would keep me coming back to this company and product!
Reviewed by: from Highland, IL. on 11/3/2014
Rating Baby Shower
I just wanted to thank you so very much for making my baby shower so great with these wish lanterns. It was a surprise so when we set up and invited all of our guest over to see this they were like children. They are telling friends and I will be spreading the word, so keep up the great work and we will be ordering from you soon. I absolutely love your product!
Reviewed by: from Pattison, Tx. on 10/1/2014
Rating Mrs.
These Wish Lanterns were great! I Bought them for my daughter and son-in-law's first anniversary (paper is the traditional one year gift, so they were perfect!) We had a beautiful fall night with a warm campfire and these lanterns were a perfect addition to our celebration. Everyone loved them!
Reviewed by: from Harrisville, RI. on 9/29/2014
Rating Lanterns ordered !
I need my lanterns very soon, so I told a friend about this site. He ordered 10 white & 10 colored,& he's giving me half. We're both starting new relationships & my half will be just me & my guy, launching these by a beautiful lake. It's going to be a complete suprise for him. I guarantee he'll never forget the experience or me ! I have complete faith these will work perfectly. I can't wait till next weekend !! I'm so excited about sharing this experience with this special man ! My friend was SO impressed with my idea, he ordered extra, to celebrate his new relationship. ---- Melissa PS...I certainly will post my review after the big night ! ~♡~
Reviewed by: from Fleetwood Pa. . on 9/27/2014
Rating Newport
The lanterns were easy to use and the hit of the party! Will be purchasing again for future events!
Reviewed by: from Newport Beach. on 9/24/2014
Rating 16th Birthday
Bought them for my daughters 16th birthday party. They were a hit and worked well. Two observations: - Make sure lantern is completely unfolded. - Don't rush sending them off. Wait like it says in the instructions.
Reviewed by: from Illinois. on 9/24/2014
Rating kids party
Ordered for a kids party. Kids LOVED having their own to make a wish on and send off(with adult assistance). For some reason, neither of the red ones worked. They seemed too dense and just couldn't get up. No problems with others.
Reviewed by: from ANNA IL. on 9/3/2014
Rating Great Lanterns!!!
At my daughter's graduation party, the hosts had these lanterns. It was such a gorgeous finale to the party. So, we decided to buy these for my other daughter's Sweet 16. They worked perfectly, and were so beautiful. Another lovely ending to a great event. These are the BEST ones to buy, too, as we tried the "cheap" ones from Amazon, which all ripped, and never flew.
Reviewed by: from Los Angeles. on 8/25/2014
Rating Wish Lantern
We received our order very quickly. Last night we tried one of the Lanterns. What a joy to watch it launch from our hands and go up in the sky over the trees. It sailed on down the valley until the flame went out and then out of sight.
Reviewed by: from Green Spring, WV.. on 8/11/2014
Rating wish lanterns
All but two of the lanterns worked well.two went up and then came back down!Not sure why.
Reviewed by: from Barkhamsted ct. on 8/6/2014
Rating Exceeded Expectations!
I wasn't quite sure what to expect when I ordered these and honestly wasn't even sure they'd arrive at all, given I had never heard of the website. But considering the cost, I gave it a try. The package arrived quickly and the lanterns were awesome. They are HUGE! I was expecting the small basketball sized paper lanterns that are more common, but these are two to three feet tall. I imagine the dimensions are in the listing, but I haven't checked. They all went off without a hitch, although I will admit they are slightly scary. We discovered that if they are allowed to burn for too long without letting them float away, the rice paper starts to turn brown, and will eventually catch fire. So let them fill up with air, but once they are full, let go!
Reviewed by: from St. Louis. on 7/31/2014
Rating Wish Lanterns
Have ordered wish lanterns several times; weddings, New Year's Eve, birthdays. Everyone loves them. Always shipped as promised, with follow-ups ensuring satisfaction. I'll be ordering for years to come!
Reviewed by: from United States. on 7/29/2014
Rating Worked good
The Wish lanterns were well made & worked good. Took few minutes to get fuel cell to catch fire. Liked that they are biodegradable.
Reviewed by: from Buffalo. on 7/19/2014
Rating Great Seller !
great seller, Great service, fast shipping ! A +++++++++++++++++++++
Reviewed by: from New York. on 7/8/2014
Rating Great
Very good quality, Lit very easily, never caught fire in air take off. Stayed lit for a long time.
Reviewed by: from pa. on 6/16/2014
Rating Girl Scout Leader
The girls loved watching the lanterns fly up. They were easy to light and easy to fly.
Reviewed by: from South Elgin, IL. on 6/12/2014
Rating Director of Events
The size of the lanterns was amazing! Product shipped quickly and I was very happy with the quality. I would recommend a test run on lighting one before your event just to get a feel for how long it takes to light and for the hot air to lift the lantern. We used it for an 8th grade graduation celebration and the kids LOVED them. :)
Reviewed by: from Green Bay. on 6/12/2014
Rating hot air baloons
They were a ball to launch and fly. They fly many hundreds of feet high and for a very long time. they disappear from view after about a mile downwind. I recommend this company as a supplier. they ship promptly and package neatly as well as securely.
Reviewed by: from Floriduh. on 6/5/2014
Rating buyer
It worked perfectly. We loved it. Had no problems.
Reviewed by: from Colorado . on 6/4/2014
Rating WishLaterns
We lit the 1st one @ the Revel Hotel in Atlantic City & it was the best!!!! Great quality!!!
Reviewed by: from Waterbuty. on 5/29/2014
Rating Great fun
The wish lanterns were fantastic. Easy to use and beautiful to see. Will buy again
Reviewed by: from Mesa Az. on 5/26/2014
Rating Graduation
Wonderful experience! Beautiful and fun activity. Arrived quickly, packaged as indicated, and easy to use. Great quality. Placing another order today. Thanks for the great service!!
Reviewed by: from Louisiana . on 5/17/2014
Rating Absolutely in love!
I absolutely love the Lanterns, we celebrated some good times from my birthday to my aunts birthday that passed we wrote a message on and sent them up to her in heaven. We also lit them off the beach. I am a forever customer! I love the quality and how huge they were.
Reviewed by: from Roanoke Virginia. on 4/29/2014
Rating Wish Lanterns
I bought these for my daughters Sweet 16 birthday party and we loved them. They lit easily and only took about a minute to float. Very Happy with them.
Reviewed by: from Indiana. on 4/18/2014
Rating Wish Lanterns
We love to send off wish lanterns every year on our daughter's birthday. It is a nice ending to make her birthday complete.
Reviewed by: from Evansville IN. on 4/17/2014
Rating M
We purchased the multi-colored Eco lanterns for one of our dinner parties with friends. The quality of these lanterns is top notch. We've purchased other brands in the past and have been disappointed. We used the multicolored lanterns just after sunset and the brilliant colored lanterns looked amazing against the deep tones of the sky. :-)
Reviewed by: from Akron, Ohio. on 3/20/2014
Rating Amazing and beautiful!
These are absolutely incredible. I was concerned about fire floating in the sky, but once you see how they work, the paper used, all concerns melt away and you're left standing there in awe. We sent them up for Christmas day night and I had everyone write their wishes on them (carefully!). Be advised that matches won't work - you need a continuous flame. Along those lines, we wanted to send them all up at the same time, but since we had so many little kids (and had fashioned our own lighters with kindling wood), ours went off more like 3 at a time. Regardless, it was beautiful and had we known that, I would've picked up some lighters for the adults to light all the kids at the same time. Directions are easy, they are huge, which I loved. Buy these, send them up on a starry night and enjoy. Shipping, communication from the company is also top notch.
Reviewed by: from Minneapolis. on 12/30/2013
Reviewed by: from San Diego, CA. on 12/1/2013
Rating These worked out perfectly!
My friends and I had such a great time using these laterns. We just had to make sure they were fully inflated like a hot air balloon. It was a great way to end the summer.
Reviewed by: from Bay Area. on 8/25/2013
Rating Executive Administrator
I purchased these lanterns for my friend who lost her son @ 15, we celebrated his 18th birthday this past Sunday, the lanterns were a complete hit, so big, easty to light, easy to send off.....and the most beautiful thing to watch fly to heaven w/our messages on them...thank you so much, it made the difference!
Reviewed by: from Jacksonville, Florida. on 8/22/2013
Rating ACescape
Excellent product - the best lanterns I have ever tried.They also arrived super fast - 2 days after I ordered and I didn't even request that! I will definitely order these again - we launched 3 this weekend and they were a huge hit. One thing - unless you're ordering 100, the cheapest "package" is the 10 for $24.99. Works out to be a be a better deal than the other multiples so I got 2 10's. You will not be disappointed - these are really great quality.
Reviewed by: from Des Plaines, IL. on 8/18/2013
We used these wish lanterns for a going away party. Each family wrote their wishes on the paper with sharpies and then launched. They worked great, even those that got small tears in them. The balloons were the highlight of the night!
Reviewed by: from Grayslake. on 8/12/2013
Rating Amazing!!
This product is great for kids and adolts alike. Being Eco friendly is just another + to the whole experience We waited for the Sunset and let them go on the beach. This is a great Birthday present for anyone I would recomend this to my friends
Reviewed by: from South Florida. on 8/8/2013
Rating Lived up to expectations.
Easy to launch and they soar higher and futher than you would think. Adults and children enjoyed making a wish and letting them go. They will make the perfect gift for Christmas. Just follow the instructions. WAIT.....WAIT....before launch.
Reviewed by: from Jacksonville,Texas. on 7/22/2013
Rating Love!
These lanterns were so cool! I bought them to do with my kids at our cottage and they were a hit with kids and adults. So pretty to watch float away in the night sky. They were easy to figure out but you have to be patient b/4 letting them go. One lantern ripped as we were unfolding it but it still floated up and away. I would definitely buy these again.
Reviewed by: from IL. on 7/8/2013
Rating beautiful
I bought these to light in remembrance of my Grandma and my Dad who both passed away 3 years ago and both had July birthdays. I lit 1 tonight for my Grandma today she would of been 93, it was beautiful. I was much bigger than I had expected. It was easy to light and it lifted from our fingers within 30-45 sec. after being lit. I would definitely use again and recommend these.
Reviewed by: from palm bay, fl. on 7/6/2013
Rating great memorial idea
Overall, the entire process from placing the order to receiving the package was simple and positive. I appreciated the tracking as somehow I entered the wrong apartment number and was able to see my error and retrieve it at a neighbor's apartment. I have yet to use the lanterns because the day my family chose to send up the lanters was too windy so we will do it another day. I am glad the lanterns are biodegradable as it resonates with my values and my sister who from heaven will be seeing the lanterns float up to her.
Reviewed by: from Florida. on 5/31/2013
Rating Loved the Colored Wishing Lanterns
I originally purchased the colored lanterns to honor my deceased mother at my wedding. We ordered a couple more just for a test run and they were amazing. Both times. We received numerous compliments on how lovely they were and our guest really enjoyed lighting them off. The are not difficult to release, although it takes two people because of their size. I highly recommend them!!!
Reviewed by: from West Palm Beach. on 5/28/2013
Rating Floating lanterns were beautiful!!!
Wonderful product and made our awards banquet so special! Highly recommended! Follow instructions and should be no problems. Tip: light all corners of fuel cell to make lanterns fill easily and quickly!
Reviewed by: from Louisiana. on 5/14/2013
Rating Letting Go
We Wrote on the lanterns things we wanted to let go as couples. It was slightly windy that day. Once we found a place with less wind, 6mph we were able to let go of our lanterns. Each couple let them go one at time following the directions, even the lanterns that got holes in them from lighting still lifted off! I mean it was a big scary hole. This was my first time ordering them and wont be my last. These were the best! Thanks for an amazing product.
Reviewed by: from Ft. Walton Beach, FL. on 3/23/2013
Rating Fantastic!!
These are amazing. Be sure to follow directions and don't get them stuck in a tree. :-) Make sure to have plenty of clearing as they rise. The directions are right.. be patient and you won't be disappointed. Not for children; open flame is involved.
Reviewed by: from Tennessee. on 3/11/2013
Rating Fantastic
I bought these for my daughters 16th birthday and they made the evening so special for all the guest. I would highly recommend these and I will be buying them again.
Reviewed by: from Port Orchard, WA. on 1/30/2013
Rating 55t7270u6
I bought the wish lanterns to use for my sister's upcoming ceremony. She recently passed. I wanted to test them out first, so we released several for the full moon over the ocean. They lifted off and soared over the ocean beautifully! The crowd on the beach was cheering and clapping and everyone wanted to know where I got them. They were also happy to hear that they were not harmful to the water or sea life. I can't wait to use them for the upcoming ceremony. Thank you!
Reviewed by: from Jupiter, Fl. on 1/27/2013
Rating Awesome
We lit these off on New Years day. What a treat! Everybody loved it and we will be buying more!
Reviewed by: from Norwalk, CT. on 1/5/2013
Rating Mr
Great product Lights easily. You shipped very fast ---2 Days . Wow. Don't mistake the cheaper lanterns, these are the ones you want. A real crowd pleaser.
Reviewed by: from phoenix. on 1/2/2013
Rating Christmas Eve and Wedding
We got this product for 2 things... for our church to lauch on Christmas eve. - This was lovely and a great ending to our service. Then for a winter small wedding on the Lake. - again it was a lovely ending to a wonderful service!
Reviewed by: from Michigan. on 12/30/2012
Rating Christmas Eve wishes
What a wonderful, magical moment when we lit up our colored wish lanterns outside. It was a very frosty Minnesota Christmas Eve and the lanterns worked beautifully. Each person wrote a wish (or more) on the lanterns before lighting them and sending them on their way, one after another making a trail of colors in the dark sky. I saved one for New Year's Eve. Very easy to use and really amazing results.
Reviewed by: from Minnesota. on 12/28/2012
Rating Great Christmas gift
I bought these for a "fun gift" for my son who lives on the beach in Southern California. I think he will love "launching" these on New Years Eve and seeing their reflections over the water. They are unique and should be a lot of fun for the person who is difficult to buy for. A great little gift idea.
Reviewed by: from Las Vegas, NV. on 12/6/2012
Rating Wish Lanterns
My husband turned 50, we had a party and at the end of the evening we released some wish lanterns with are closes friends and family. They keep talking about the party but most of the talk is about the wish lantern moment. The DJ played Diamonds in the Sky by Rhehanna. It was amazing and now I stocked up for New Years. Awesome
Reviewed by: from Tomball, TX. on 12/6/2012
Rating .......
Fun and had no problems launching!
Reviewed by: from rhode Island. on 10/30/2012
Rating Wish Lanterns
Magical fun sending wishes and prayers up into the night sky. WOW! (Biodegradable, too.)
Reviewed by: from Hatteras, NC. on 8/14/2012

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